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There are tens of thousands of hurt victims that get less than they deserve for their personal injury settlement just because they get tricked and do not have a full understanding on how the Law system works.

Please do not let this happen to you or a family member! will explain what your rights are as an injury victim, determine liability, value what your injuries are worth, deal with the impossible insurance companies, along with great insider tips that will help you receive your personal injury settlement.

Types of Accidents Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers Take on:

  • Automobile AccidentsThere are thousands of automobile accidents in Michigan every year, many of these are very serious in nature.  People that were involved in the accidents can face life-long medical problems and along with a lifetime of pain and suffering.

  • Brain Injury AccidentsA serious brain injury. One of those accidents that you think would never happen to you, a loved one or someone you know. What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you talk to? It’s moments like this that an experienced and qualified brain injury lawyer can make an impact on an individual’s quality of life.

  • Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle accidents happen often. Many of these times it has tragic results. Stats show that thousands of motorcycle accidents occur each year (a little less than 4,000 in 2004 in Michigan) with 5.290 deaths just in 2008 alone. The majority of these accidents result with serious injuries to the head or chest area due to the fact that many motorcycle riders do no wear protective gear. The biggest issue with motorcycle accidents seems to be that people driving cars do not know the right ways to share the road with a much smaller and easily maneuverable vehicle.

  • Nursing Home Abuse Recent studies have been performed to calculate the numbers of elderly citizens that are victims of nursing home abuse each year. The astounding estimates are between one and two million elderly people that are subjected to various types of abuse in nursing homes around the country. Your family member or loved one may be a part of these statistics and we are here to help you fight for them and seek justice under the law.

  • Slip and Fall Did you slip and fall and need to speak to a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney? The state of Michigan allows you to stake a legal claim provided you can be prove that the property owner has breached his or her duty to the victim. What you are entitle to all depends on why you or your loved one was on their property. The victim has the burden of proving the breach of duty. The victim also must make his or her claim for personal injury damages arising from the slip and fall injury. There are thousands of Americans that become the victim of a slip and fall injury every single year.

  • Wrongful Deathare you looking for  the best wrongful death lawyer in Michigan? We understand that it can be very difficult in an emotional time. Not every wrongful death attorneys in Michigan will fully understand your grieving process that you and your family has been going through when you lost your loved one.  You need the right compassionate support and understanding of the best and most experienced personal injury lawyers in Michigan that can step in and take care of the situation and get you what you and your family deserve.